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Wee Siblings, 2020

Various forms, 2016, Singapore

These three pots represent me and my two brothers, they are in the same form to signify that we are born with the same blood, but we have our own unique personality, reflected in the different application of colour. My usual blue glaze is used as the primary colour, and while my older brother and I have similar personalities, we do have different different character traits (i’m probably the most rebellious in the family). I placed more green and less contrasting hues for my second brother to show a more calming vibe, as he is less assertive than the two of us, but also has his own focus, principles, and values. These two brothers are the best siblings I could ever hope for, and the three should always be placed together. It is still a work in progress, as we are all still growing in our own journeys, so I deliberately left out handles for now. Handles will be attached later as time goes by, perhaps to mark an ongoing project, or a new milestone reached.

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